A Green Afternoon

Hellllloooo blog! Long time no speak.

I was going to blog about this event quite a few weeks ago, but with the uni exam period commencing there was no chance in hell I was going to get to do anything else.

On the 22nd of June I dragged my little sister along to a political event. I’m not going to lie, I really only wanted to attend to see what Greens Senator Scott Ludlam of this viral video fame had to say. What I got out of it was really much greater. The event was hosted by Jamie Parker – Greens NSW member for Balmain. He spoke about a few issues that affect people within NSW. As one would hope for in a politician, he is smart, measured and very well spoken.


Another great addition to the event was Jenny Leong, who is running for NSW parliament in the seat of Newtown. I really liked Jenny, she has a real passion for the area and the people that live there. An interesting fact about the Newtown area, is it is one of the very few places in Australia where people don’t identify with a religion. Hearing Jenny speak of her electorate makes me miss working there. Although it was only a short lived working career in Newtown, it was a lot of fun. Newtown has such a strange mix of people, who coexist wonderfully together. It has such a cool vibe. Hearing Jenny speak made me wish I lived in Newtown, she would defiantly receive my vote. I hope Newtown provide her the opportunity to sit in parliament, she would be a great asset to NSW. Keep an eye out for her, I will be following her career closely.


That brings me to the last speaker at the event. Before we go any further, I would like to add that Scott Ludlam is not your typical politician. There are very few airs and graces as he stands before you. He casually strolled into the lecture theatre (being the first politician to arrive) extremely casually, if you blinked you would have just mistaken him for another face in the crowd, no pomp, no ceremony, no posse of staff behind him.

Scott presented his Perth 2029 plan to the packed audience, and what a fascinating plan it is. Focusing on bringing public transport into a mainstream mode of transport for the city of Perth. It is important to note, that I have never made it over to Perth, yet. However, the plan to build cheap easy to put up housing for people and a whole a array of other plans was truly fascinating. This plan has even won an award. With a great use of graphics (wouldn’t except any less from a ex graphic designer) and a witty, truthful delivery Mr Ludlam had the a very captive audience.

The audience were invited by the Chair of the event Senator Lee Rhiannon to ask questions. Of course, me being me had to ask a question. The question I asked related to the Perth 2029 plan and the housing/building plan. The plan sets out quick build projects within certain limits, my question was that if this project was also to provide the local area with jobs, what happens when the program is over? How will you tackle the unemployment?

The response Senator Ludlam provided, wasn’t one that I was hoping for. And that my friends is why you shouldn’t have role models in politics. A little disheartened that it wasn’t the response I was hoping for, and if it was the right setting I would have pushed the issue further. It was a good reminder that we all have our own individual passions.

After the event the speakers stayed around to chat to a few people. My sister, who was rather excited at this point wanted to go and ask a question. I think she didn’t care who she spoke to she just wanted to say something to someone she see as important. As we stood and tried to pick a topic I suggested that she ask Scott Ludlam about Julian Assange.  He spoke frankly to us about the issues surrounding the situation Mr Assange faces. I must say that he was nice enough to take the time to talk to everyone who wanted to speak to him, that I appreciate in a person. (and then this happened!)


On the whole the afternoon was really interesting, a great informative event. I hope we get to see Scott Ludlam on the east coast again soon.