Word of the year -2015

A few blogs I follow have been doing a ‘word for the year’ posts, so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon.

Perseverance is my word for this year. Too often I do not finish tasks because it seems all too hard or, it comes almost to the end and I give up. Just to keep everyone guessing sometimes I don’t do anything to the last minute, and I end up cramming an expecting excellent results and of course I end up disappointed.

With my last year of uni (for now) I hope to persevere through my classes and will maybe, just maybe this year I will do uni work sequentially.

I hope to persevere with the goals I’ve set by obtaining employment with a certain type of organisation and will not just settle for good on something that comes up.

This word isn’t just for tangible outcomes I want to preserve and maintain current friendships and encourage new ones. I want to widen my friends circle so that I can enjoy fun and nerdy things with likeminded people.

I want to develop my knowledge of special interest projects, like keeping fun memories in a journal (I’d put them in a blog but they are probably exceptionally boring,) so I can look back on the fun and exciting things I did throughout the year.

I want to preserve with keeping up and growing my political involvement in projects and campaigns that I care about.

You may ask, why is she writing all these things with ‘I’ it’s because it aids people in being accountable, telling people, and so publicly in this medium helps with accountability or so it says in all the goal setting books, so here goes nothing… do you have a word for 2015?