A sorry affair for Australia’s climate…

Today we witnessed the inevitable from the Abbott Government, the repeal of the Carbon Tax and subsequently all environmental policy.

I’m by no means a scientist, and I’m the first person to put my hand up and say I don’t understand all the technical aspects of Climate Change. What I do know is that our environmental state is one of the most important things that should be on any governments agenda. Australia is one of the most sustainable countries in terms of living off of our land.

There is talk that this repeal was about ‘saving money and giving back to average Australian families with savings of $500’… I call bullshit on this! What this is about is Abbott and Co asserting their authority by throwing out one of the best ALP polices and keeping their big business mates happy. 

Now, I myself, do not have a degree in economics, which I believe Mr Abbott does, but I can tell you there are 4 key fundamental elements that make up the basis of economics. These four items are, Land, Labour, Capital and Entrepreneurship. Now, if any economists happens to stumble across this blog post, feel free to let me know if I have this right or wrong, but in Microeconomics we are told that the land is the most valuable commodity you can have. It generates rent and provides space for all other activities. Keeping that statement in mind, clearly having legislation that protects our environment is an important economic policy. History shows us that the best way to ensure there is a degree of adherence to a legislation is to implement financial penalties (in this case the form of a tax, price, levy…according to Joe Hockey, you can call it a Rabbit, they are all essentially the same thing).

Maybe I am just a die hard greenie at heart, but give me a degree of indulgence here (it is my blog after all) I wonder if and what the current government ministers were thinking when they decided to scrap this plan. I’m sure I can take a few guesses, but my real question is, will Tony Abbott’s grandchildren be able to have a sustainable future in terms of employment? Will our environment be viable in the next 40 years? Will we even have land that will be able to produce resources? This may be a bit out of the ordinary, but Tony Abbott, if you think repealing this bill will aid people who make a living off the land I would be you my apparent ‘$500 worth of savings’ that it will do more damage then good when it comes to farmers.

I wish the LNP would be as concerned about our environmental climate as they seem to be in protecting the future generations from our current ’emergency state’ economic climate.

With further thoughts on statements made by the LNP, this repeal will give businesses the opportunity to increase their employee numbers, while this may have a degree of truth to it, although I’m not too sure how much the biggest carbon producers actually care (wouldn’t they just ram up the price the consumers have to pay?). It comes to a point where we need to talk about a sustainable job and industry market. I have read many articles that showcase that if there were substantial investments in the renewable energy sector, this would create a new growing industry for Australia. Let’s face it, in light of many industries that are planned to fold like the car manufacturing industry, Australia needs to create new industries to ensure that we have a steady stream of employment figures.

While I have no qualms with businesses making money, they have every right too. I just believe that people over profits is a more socially acceptable environment to live in. I also believe that if we aren’t at the stage of investing in new emerging markets that would protect our unique environmental climate, we should have legislation that does have some preventative measures.

The issue of climate change has been a widely known event since the 1970’s. I would like to be part of a generation that protects and puts in measures that aim to curb or reduce the rate of the effect that climate change is having on our earth.  

To every person who voted to ‘axe the tax’ I hope your future generations appreciate the supposed $500 you will receive in savings… my hot tip, is if you are one of the ‘average’ Australian families who will actually see this benefit in terms of, why not invest in some solar power? Maybe then it may be worth it, ever so slightly.


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