Enactus – Inspiring Leadership Program

This week I attended my first training session after being accepted in to a mentoring role in the Inspiring Leadership Program run by Enactus at Macquarie University.

This program had a rather odd application process, most university programs are just an application and you are accepted. This required a resume and a cover letter.

Upon arriving to the training day we all shuffled into the computer room and were provided with the traditional ‘what’s your name? what degree are you studying? and a random fact about yourself’ I can tell you that our group of mentors come from such a diverse background, it really is rather amazing.

So in a nutshell what is this program about? Well, it is mentors who go to low socio-economic schools and speak to a range of school aged kids who the teachers may feel need a little bit of help in establishing a career path after school. It is our job as mentors to listen, learn and grow with these young people who have a whole range off things going on in their life. Suggest things they might find interesting i.e applying to uni, tafe, obtaining a job after school.

As mentors we work with schools in the Central Coast and Western Sydney area. I am excited and a little intimidated by doing this, talk about removing yourself out of your comfort zone! I can’t wait for further training days and for the program to actually get underway.

If you are at university and are interested in something similar, definitely Google your university and Enactus it is such a great opportunity to enrich your life and hopefully the lives of others who may need a little direction.



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